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As with all our produce we started as small seadlings and with great care and attention to both our customers and ourselves.
We have grown into a flourishing business.
We really do try to offer fantastic quality fresh produce at the most affordable price you could expect to see in any high street or large outlet, but don't just take our word for it, visit our Facebook page and see what our veggie box friends say about us.
"Its fresh produce, its not always perfect, its grown and not made but we do aim high."
We purchase our produce from local wholesale markets and farmers where possible, so we always try to have in mind the local economy... Anthony's really do like to champion the small business where possible (although a little bias, but why not we have after school clubs to pay for too).


We all know you like English grown produce, that's why you'll be pleased to know we try to provide English grown fruit n' veggies! But of course, when the produce is not at its best or isn't available we have to look futher a field to fill those boxes up.
(I mean have you tried growing bananas in Nottingham, as Anthony would say "its a right nightmare").

You will be pleased to know we pack your boxes fresh every morning whilst you are hopefully in the land of dreams and that's why we like those orders in as soon as possible.


If you have any questions (not anything too challenging mind) you can message us and we are pretty fast at getting back to you,
or you can call us and we are even faster at getting back to you (unless Anthony answers in which case put the kettle on)
So give us a call or message,  the Guys look forward to hearing from you!